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Do you Doodle?

January 12, 2011


My Doodle I used to set up interview times for Detours bloggers

MEETINGS!!! I am starting to put my new ideas for Detours into action. My goals for this semester are to improve our website, help train employees and generate more multimedia content. However the ‘action’ I need to take is scheduling meetings.

While meetings are necessary, they are a pain to schedule. Between classes, work schedules, other organizations and Glee (or insert latest TV craze), finding a time for more than 5 people to meet can be a challenge. This year a classmate introduced me to ‘Doodle.’ This free scheduling tool allows an administrator (you) to create schedule of times/dates. You can then send the link to pertinent people, and it allows them to input their available or unavailable times. Doodle sends you a e-mail when anyone contributes to the schedule  and will help you determine the most available time between all entries.

My meetings for this week include mostly one on one meetings. Tomorrow’s meetings- advertising/pr manager, blogger, managing editor. Thursday- art director Friday- online editor and the intense Truman Media Network board meeting. It should be a productive week.

Also cooking feat for the day- I made chicken and potato soup from scratch!

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  1. January 12, 2011 1:14 am

    you might need an entire entry for the TMN meeting!

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