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Social Media Savvy

January 16, 2011

As part of my social media class and my personal development, I’m diving further into social media.


I already have a Facebook, but feel like I haven’t used it to the fullest extent. As Facebook has developed, I tend to do more perusing rather than actually contributing. So I am going to attempt to be more interactive with Facebook by….

• Uploading my photos from different events-including some of my London pictures (it’s been a year since I left!)
• Using my status as a tool to a) keep people updated in my life b) Use Facebook to promote Detours and communicate with Detours audiences.


I opened my Twitter account on February 2009 when I was working on newspaper article about how different Missourian’s used Twitter. I would tweet once every…. 6 months? So I’m going to try to keep tweeting about Detours progress and my personal life.
• Follow me: StephanieHall89


LinkedIn is the most professional form of social media. Last April I created a profile but didn’t do anything to it. Today I used the e-mail search function on the site to find people I might know. I managed to find a good deal of people, however I also sent a lot of invitations to emails who didn’t have a linked in account, which was disappointing. I’ve filled out about 70% of my profile (according to the site) and need to fill in a few more areas including my summary, specialties, etc
• Find me on LinkedIn.

Visual CV:

Visual CV is an online visual resume I’ve been building for some time. I’ve slowly incorporating several of my clips and resume into the site, but am continuing to build upon it.
• Check it out at-

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