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Realtor, Vaseline, Dumpster

February 2, 2011

So we all know that words like Kleenex and Post-it are trademarks, but here are a few that surprised me.

Brand Name- Generic term

  • AstroTurf-artificial grass
  • Dumpster- Trash bin
  • Fudgsicle- Fudge ice-cream bar
  • Jockey shorts- underwear
  • Sheetrock- gypsum wallboard
  • Windbreaker- lightweight jacket
  • Velcro- adhesive fastener
  • Ping-Pong –Table tennis
  • Crock-Pot- electric earthenware cooker
  • Realtor- real-estate agent
  • Rollerblade- in-line skate
  • Seeing Eye dog- guide dog
  • Vaseline- petroleum jelly

Bad sentence:

The realtor tripped on sheetrock while rollerblading and fell on astroturf in a dumpster.

Good sentence:

The real-estate agent tripped on gypsum wallboard while in-line skating and fell on artificial turf in a trash bin.

Just another way to watch your words

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  1. Ciara permalink
    February 2, 2011 7:56 am

    Wow, I did not know that ALL of those were brands! This topic has come up in several of my classes this year, so I figured that’s where you were going with Vaseline, Dumpster and Realtor 🙂 Here are a few more for your list:

    Band-Aid: bandage
    Escalator: moving stairs

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