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Journalists are funny too… in our own way.

February 9, 2011

All of the following jokes are from I’ve broken them down into categories, but honestly the entire website is hilarious and gets updated daily!

Copyeditor jokes:

Copyeditor to reporter: “I don’t want you to rewrite the story because I’ve already done that.”

Copyeditor: “Knock knock.” Photo Editor: “Who’s there? Copy Editor: “To.” Photo Editor: “To who?” Copy Editor: “To WHOM!”

Convergent Journalism jokes

Reporter: “Want to shoot video for me? It’s the wave of the future.” Photographer: “Unemployment is the wave of the future.”

Print reporter returning from assignment: “I’ve tweeted it. I have my video and B-roll. I even have a podcast. Now if only I could figure out what my story is.”

Reporter/editor jokes

Reporter talking on his cell phone: “Can I call you back later, grandma? I’m right in the middle of a homicide.”

Reporter doing a phone interview: “Please slow down, professor. You’ve been researching this topic for a decade. I’ve been researching it since lunchtime.”

Editor: “A detective is a journalist with a gun.”

One reporter to another: “You’re the only person I know who can take a ‘no comment’ quote and turn it into a 40-inch story.”

Reporter, while trying to get an interview with a stranded motorist at a local hotel after a blizzard: “You want me to bring you some cigarettes? Uh, yeah, I guess I could do that.”

Reporter: “Names of task forces should not take up an entire line of text in Word. I’m looking at you, Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Social Workers Social Work Safety Task Force.”

Sports editor looking at PDF before deadline: “What the fuck happened to this photo? It looked so good when I took it, but now it looks like someone took it and soaked it in 1987.”

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