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Foray into broadcast

March 27, 2011


As part of my liberal arts education, I knew I’d be learning all types of journalism… including broadcast. Traditionally there has been a divide between print and broadcast journalists. For my past 4 years at Truman, I’ve found myself on the print side working at both the Index student newspaper and Detours the student magazine. I’d really never been interested in radio or TV.

However this semester I enrolled in Broadcast Production – it’s a graduation requirement 😦 . For the past semester, I’ve been tripping over cable cords, dragging heavy equipment across campus and learning how truly evil AVID (editing software) can be. Despite the necessary evils of broadcast technology, I’ve also learned how to visually tell stories. Coming from a print background: Words rule. When creating a broadcast story: B-roll rules.

So far for the class I’ve done 4 radio pieces and 4 broadcast pieces. So I decided to take the leap… I started a YouTube account!

While I’ve been unsuccessful in transferring my audio from my radio pieces, my broadcast stories were a success. So if you interested click the link and check out my work! Some of the stories I was the videographer and others I worked as the reporter. (the ones with my voice I was the reporter.)


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